Special Purpose Machinery

Here is when everything is integrated in coordination with each other. The team has developed and designed several machines for our client’s special need. Design concepts and its partners experienced in material handling equipment’s sorting, screening, feeding, conveying, weighting and packaging, testing rigs machinery. The team therefore is able to design a state of art machinery for that particular manual manufacturing process to be automated i.e. sub- assembly of complicated parts, welding, packaging, printing, labelling etc. for much more production efficiencies.

With state of art Computer aided engineering CAE skills of our team members, including the kinetics and kinematics simulation of the designed machinery, this will eliminate the repetitive physical testing of the designed machine or a product and time consuming to finalise the final prototype of designed machinery or product in very efficient approach. We appreciate the importance of concept design methodology to avoid unnecessary cost wasted that carries on later in the manufacturing stage. Our mission: One efficient prototype machine/product taking the advantage of the engineering simulations software inco-ordinance with engineering and scientific analysis and calculations. We also fully understand the physically limitations and boundaries during design process due to extensive experience of our staff and international partners.